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By Making it Responsive

In a world where everyone's switching between devices, we've got you covered. Webcommander makes sure your website works perfectly and maintains full functionality, no matter where your audience is coming from. We're all about keeping things smooth and user-friendly.
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Through Ranking Highly in Search Results

Having worked in an ecommerce environment, building with strong SEO in mind was drilled into us, and a major part of that is pagespeed - the main way Google rank their websites. Metadata still exists, and this will be accounted for, but it is nothing, if your pagespeed is slow.
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Via a Strong Brand and Bespoke Design

Your brand deserves to shine, not blend in. That's why we're here to craft a website that's as unique as your business. Whether we're starting from scratch or building with your existing brand in mind, we ensure your site stands out from the sea of templates.
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With Being Able to Make Changes Quickly

Keeping your site up to date has never been easier with WebCommander.
  • Upload, change and remove images and videos
  • View your websites traffic
  • Make changes without seeing a line of code
  • Add or remove sections
  • Change the colour scheme


With WebCommander, you're not just getting a website, you're gaining the power to manage it yourself.
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WebCommander lets you easily update text, images, colors, and more – all without needing to contact a developer or organisation. Unlike typical WordPress sites that rely on various plugins, which can break or go unsupported, WebCommander is a robust and reliable tool built by me, your dedicated developer. This means no more relying on outsourced help or grappling with clunky, badly coded site builders that can hinder your SEO.
I have done my best to make it as speedy and easy to use as possible. You don't need to sift through pages to get to the 'block' you want to edit (looking at you WordPress). Instead, you can just search the content you wish to change, even copy and paste, and within seconds you'll be able to amend the text for that section. Images can be swapped out with ease too, and same applies to theme/colour changes.
I will send over an email with a bespoke code for you to then use to register your account.
Yes, I am on hand and available even outside of working hours. Support for WebCommander is also free of charge.
Many 'low code' sites don't rank well in search engine results, largely due to algorithms prioritizing page speed. They often rely heavily on outsourced plugins, which can fail unpredictably, leaving both the developer and client powerless with a broken site. Furthermore, the widespread use of these tools makes it challenging to create a unique, standout site.

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  • Site design
  • Logo design
  • Colour theory/scheme selection
  • Icon pack (SVG and/or PNG format)
  • Button states
  • PNG favicon
  • Maximum of 3 revisions


  • Site build
  • Clean easy to understand code format
  • Integration with WebCommander
  • Can build using an outsourced design
  • Responsive forms (not generated or outsourced)
  • FREE SSL Certification

System Building.

  • RestAPI creation
  • API integrations (such-as Mailchimp)
  • Login systems
  • Booking systems
  • Bespoke systems (if needed, according to discussion)
  • Payment integrations with PayPal

Ease of Mind.

  • SEO, Metadata and Metadescriptions sorted
  • Search Engine crawling ability optimised
  • Ease of mind Web Hosting
  • Ongoing support if needed with monthly/hourly cost
  • FREE support for WebCommander
  • Integration with Google Analytics

FREE in-depth consultation.

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